Sunday, February 26, 2006

technical difficulties

I have been without a laptop for a few days. Not because of a problem, per se, but because I let the computer guys get a hold of it.

I wanted some software that I cannot afford. Hey, the university has a site license for it! So I bring my handy-dandy laptop over to the computer guys to get the software.

To make a long story short: they noticed I didn't have a domain login and that I still had the factory install of the OS. I'd been meaning to nuke and pave to get rid of the random crap the manufacturer installs, but I started using it and had no adequate way to back up my data. Computer guys offer to back up my entire hard drive, reinstall the OS, add the domain login, add the software I want. I say, sure, go for it.

Now I'm kinda regretting it. They put on Name Brand Antivirus which is making the whole system drag. I haven't had a virus since I was approximately twelve. I prefer Not-So-Namebrand Freeware. I cannot get the antivirus off my own machine now. They locked it on somehow, even though I'm supposedly administrator status. I managed to prevent the program from running, but it's still installed. Bah. I'm trying to hack my own laptop!

I'm considering asking them to uninstall it, but I don't think they will. They have to protect their precious network, after all, even though I've been on it 'unprotected' for over a year. I have a friend who knows software better than I do. Maybe he can hack it off for me.

Other than that, the machine is in great shape. Shiny new install, all updated, the new software I wanted. I guess they're good for something.


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