Friday, March 31, 2006

Evil Thursdays

Something weird and unsettling is going on with Thursdays. Thursdays are apparently very bad for my emotional state. Who knew? Two weeks ago ThursdayI had myself convinced that I wanted to escape my grad program with a MS and never look back. Several discussions and some soul searching have convinced me to go all the way to the PhD. I doubt it will be the last time I look for an out though.

Then yesterday my other half (who I need a pseudonym for) wound up starting a fight with me very early in the morning, though that wasn't his intention. Here is a bit of advice for the guys: do not pick fights with me when I have PMS. You will be very unhappy. (He had been forewarned a few days ago, btw.) I spent the entire day fuming and then blew up when he got home. Thankfully, we have moved past it and all was well. I'm sure it will prove excellent discussion for therapy this morning.

Anyway, Thursdays=evil. I think it has something to do with the fact that by Thursday you've already put up with three days of crap at work, and yet it isn't Friday with the promise of the weekend. I think Thursdays are worse than Mondays, perhaps. Paradigm shift!

(Funny side story: My better half was studying for a business class and called out to me up the stairs. "Honey? What's a 'per diem' shift?"
I pondered the question for a moment. He knew what per diem was: one of his jobs was paying him per diem! Then it clicked.
"Do you mean 'paradigm'?"
That one was tricky to define on the fly. I think I said something about a change in the status quo, a change from the conventional wisdom. Anyone else want to define it on the fly? No dictionaries!)


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

Coming up with pseudonyms is hard work - I agonized over mine for about three months before even starting my blog. Have you asked your boy what he'd like to be called on your blog? Let someone else do the work for a change!


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