Monday, March 27, 2006

long day

Due to transportation issues, I got to the lab at 6:30 am. I was quite sleepy, however managed to be very productive today. The early hour allowed me to catch up on the things I never accomplished on the weekend. I meant to go in, but life interceded. It happens.

I ran a gel with two complimentary reactions, one for WT and one for the genetic insert I'm interested in. At worst I'd expect this batch to have a normal 1/4 mutant, 1/2 het, 1/4 WT segregation. Except the PCR for the insert didn't work on any of them, and the WT reaction didn't work for some. They all *have* to have one or the other. Annoying. The re-run of the insert reaction had the same result: nada. May need a new batch of reagents, may need to test the DNA preps with primers I know will work.

Also spent some time with the Bossman learning a new stats program. More actual hard-core programming than I've ever done. I saved the scripts in a text file. Hopefully I can figure out how to do things on my own next time. My data does look promising.

The university's connection to the outside internet world was down for a few hours, and now Blogger is having issues. Maybe I'm not supposed to write this entry!


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