Friday, April 14, 2006


-My landlord is driving me insane. Lease renewals start up around February because this is a University town and all the students will be gone by Juneish. I have told her via email twice and in person at least once that we want to renew our lease. Wednesday I got a very terse email saying "we don't have your renewal form yet, but here's another copy. send ASAP."

Funny, we never had the form in the first place. I checked. Another copy, my ass. So we signed it last night, I'll mail it today.

Only to get another email today saying "Since you didn't sign the form, I won't be renewing your lease."

This woman sends the bitchiest emails, but she's a complete marshmallow in person. She's also a bit of a ditz. She can't keep track of all the units she leases. If I didn't hate moving so much, and if we hadn't had a discussion with her about how we'd probably be here for years, I'd gladly jump ship. Having a landlord with memory issues is troubling.

There. I needed to vent. I sent her a rather pointed email and will still mail the form today. We'll see what happens. Thankfully I keep all my correspondance with her because I know she'll pull this stuff.
-Like brightly colored beetles, the students scurried under a rainbow of umbrellas, trying to escape the rain. From the third floor the comparison was obvious, with red and blue and black shells dancing below.

-I paused outside the building where I teach to admire a type of flower I didn't recognize. Huge tall conical spikes, nearly as tall as I am, thrust out of the soil. Nestled in little green crevices were tiny purple or coral flowers. A sudden movement caught my eye as I stood there, the rain playing percussion on my umbrella. A tiny emerald hummingbird hovered there, not just admiring the flowers, but drinking deeply. I had never seen one of these amazing avians so close before. I could have reached out and touched it, or provided it shelter with my umbrella, but I did not. I just watched and was enchanted.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Mona Buonanotte said...

I once had a landlord who insisted we pay in cash. And she didn't believe in giving receipts. We ended up FORCING her to sign a piece of paper every month when we gave her our bundle of dough, and later when she had the repairmen fix our leaky ceiling with pizza boxes and white paint (no lie), we bolted outta there and ignored her cries that she would sue us. She never did.


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