Tuesday, April 04, 2006

link round up

Things are a bit crazy around here; I'm literally buzzing around like a bee trying to get things done. Here are some good links from around the blogosphere:

Alex at The Daily Transcript has an interesting piece on the 3 types of experiments. Be sure to read the comments as well! I think most of my work falls squarely into category B: did it fail or did I set something up wrong??

DeanDad has an article about Odd Course Substitutions. Lit for chemistry? "But I have to graduate!" Um, no, you don't. At least at the CCs around here, courses cost about $50 a pop. Just take the stupid class.

PsychoKitty has a good pair of posts about unhealthy body images and why women are such nasty bitches to each other. Thankfully that doesn't happen so much in the blogosphere as real life, but it still happens, especially on any blog about raising kids.

Was a well-respected biologist really advocating the use of Ebola to wipe out 90% of the population? Pharyngula has the story on Dr. Pianka. Hold on to your seats, it's a bumpy ride.


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