Tuesday, September 12, 2006

in the club

I remember seeing a sign at Harvard, yes *that* Harvard, for a Procrastinator's Club. Actually, it was more of a support group, but it was quite amusing to see that such a thing existed and that the sign wasn't just a spin on the old joke: Procrastinator's Club-Meeting Time to be Decided Later.

Every time I find myself with a scary deadline approaching, I ask myself the same question: why do I procrastinate so much? If I just got things done early, everything would work out!

Tonight I figured out why I continue to put things off: I make it work. There are no negative consequences to my actions! Certainly the quality of these projects could (probably) be better, but what I manage to pull together is always quite fine. And I never actually miss a deadline, even if those last 12 hours are a superhuman effort.

What sparked this revelation? This nearly impossible feat: Getting three faculty members together with 24 hour's notice. You all know what faculty schedules are like! This is insane! What's the occasion? A practice qualifying exam. Blech. You can understand why I've been putting this one off, even though it has been poking my subconcious for weeks.

I guess I'll just have to adjust to being a procrastinator. Good thing the week before my exam is clear of interuptions!


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