Wednesday, May 10, 2006

powering through

I am slowly churning my way through my list for the week. I'm done teaching for the week, though I must still proctor the lecture exam tomorrow and then grade it en masse with the other TAs.

I did get their lab midterms graded today, which I am quite proud of. They did well overall. The first one I graded was a perfect score and had me wondering if it was too easy. Unfortunately several other students made up for it with rather dismal grades. Typical.

The facility tour went well, though I can't really explain further. For the next one I want to make flashcards for each station so I'm not flipping haphazardly through the prepared tour notes.

There are also a few things left to do that weren't on the first list. I'm running a series of time-sensitive experiments, which means certain steps need to be wedged between teaching and tours, or research and proctoring. So far I'm on track. We also have a potential postdoc candidate visiting. I'm going to miss their seminar due to a prior committment, but I have a meeting scheduled with them later. Hopefully my brain still works by then.


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