Thursday, May 11, 2006


-When I asked you, "Where should I put the allergy medicine so you remember to take it?" I did not mean you should literally take the entire box with you to work. What am I supposed to take?

-Part of lab this week featured food products made from various types of algae and plants etc. One of my students mentioned that it was making him hungry. I looked up at one of the posters and said the first thing I saw.
"Yeah, beer!"
"And ice cream!"
He laughed and went on his way. Like college students need more encouragement to drink beer.

Scene: Myself and the tech are in the computer room. My boss walks in with a HUGE styrofoam box and begins rummaging through it.

Me: What's in the box?
Boss, with head in box: *mumble mumble-ody*
Me, honestly confused: A dead body???
Tech: No! Antibodies!
*all laugh*
End scene.


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